Ways that Criminals Pick out Targets

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Criminals actually use some very simple reasoning to pick out targets. This is true for both people and property. The first thing a criminal will look for is opportunity. Opportunity means that there is time and a way to commit a criminal act like stealing a purse or breaking into a car. The opportunity might only last for a second on a busy street. It might last for hours with an unattended and darkened house. Criminals will not normally choose targets that do not present some opportunity.This/ tag helps explain it more.

The second thing a criminal will look for is the easiest possible target. One of the main things that will stop a criminal from picking a person, home or car as a target is if there is some mitigating factor making the crime riskier or likely to fail. This is why a criminal will skip homes with security systems or people with an active and alert presence. The criminal is more likely to choose a vulnerable lone person who appears intoxicated or a house that has no security system.

The final way a criminal picks out a target is by looking at what could be gained from the crime. This means assessing the potential amount of cash, jewelry or other items on a person or in a property. Criminals have no interest in robbing a person or property with no valuables. This is why it is important to be careful about handling cash or revealing valuables while in public.

Who to Trust With Your Personal Location

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Being free with personal information is the drawback of the social media age. Predators and thieves regularly take advantage of location information to ply their trade at committing crimes against the naive. Being vague and general about personal location information in most instances is a benefit.

Most people now have friends and relatives who would not think twice in sharing with someone who asks their exact location at any given time. In fact, they are willing to inform of where they are at, what they are doing and where they are going next. Many of the status updates on social media sites include an exact named location that is time stamped as well as pinpointed on a map. With most crimes actually being committed by someone known to the victim, those details about having lunch at a downtown restaurant lets the criminal know that the house is empty and ripe for the picking.

When people who are not trusted 100 percent inquire about location, be general about it. When posting updates to social media about location and things being done, post them after the fact, and do not include the next thing on the agenda. Avoid posting information about daily routines that reveal patterns of behavior.

It takes very little effort to keep information that can be used against a person private. Make it a habit to always consider how a piece of information could be used in a negative way before revealing it or posting it. Though it is not good to reveal location information publicly or to a lot of people privately, it is good to let at least one trusted person know the agenda for things like dates, vacations, hiking, boating and other such things.

Items that You Never Would Have Guessed are Dangerous

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There are a variety of ways you can be pro-active in protecting your home and property. Taking self-defense classes is one way to protect yourself. Self-defense classes teach you how to do basic self-defense maneuvers. There are a variety of self-defense classes available across the country. You should also invest in a good home security system. A good home security system consist of using multiple security devices to protect your home. You can install wireless security cameras, door and window sensors and good door locks. The front and back door of your home should be made of quality steel or wood.

If you have small children, look around your home for items that may be dangerous. Items such as cleaners, car wash supplies and even soaps have the potential to be dangerous in children's hands. When you are traveling alone, there are security steps you should take. Always be aware of your surroundings while you are walking. Don't listen to music while you walk because this will cause you to become distracted. Most thieves look for targets who are not paying attention to their surroundings. Learn how to defend yourself against a mugger or car thief by enrolling in a self-defense class.Still bored? Click to continue: Home Security Do's And Don'ts You Need

What Can You Do to Secure Your Home

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They say that your home is your castle but not every homeowner feels as safe in their house as they would in a fortress. That needs to change.

No one should have to live in fear, least of all in their own home. That's why, listed below, are just a few more things you can do around the house to make it that much safer.

1.) Installing a home security system. There are plenty of sites and services out there offering http://www.securitychoice.com and monitoring systems. Start shopping around and see if one meets your budget.

2.) If there are any tall bushes or hedges flanking your front door, trim them back. These should never be so high that you can't see over them - or that someone could hide behind them.

3.) Replace the locks in your home. Even the sturdiest lock loses its strength and weakens with both use and time. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

4.) Change out the door with a slab model. There are a lot of home invasions that, remarkably enough, begin through the front door.

5.) Install some exterior lights. You can find these at most hardware stores along with the locks.

Why Should I Invest in a Home Defense System

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Your home is your most important possession. It is where you and your loved ones lay their heads. It is also where people keep many of their most important possessions. Protecting your possessions and loved ones is essential. That is why you need a home defense system. There are a number of home defense systems available. The range from very high tech systems with sensors and video monitoring to low tech systems which usually means a dog or a few good locks. They economy is in a terrible state.Check out this link here. Unemployment is high and people are looking for money wherever they can find it. This has lead to a rise in crime. Some people don't consider a home defense system very important. They may feel they do not have anything of value. They may also feel their presence in the home provides enough protection for the people and things there. This is a dangerous position. Desperate times are driving people to take desperate actions. This economic climate can mean your family is at risk from maurauding bands of desperate criminals. How important are your loved ones and your possessions to you? Protect those you care about with a home defense system.

Tips on Commuting on Foot Safely

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Walking to work and other destinations is fantastic exercise. Walking also saves money on transportation costs. Finding ways to commute safely on foot is a great plan. People should wear appropriate footwear while walking. Shoes should fit properly while also protecting feet from sharp objects. The soles of shoes should grip walking surfaces that are wet or icy. Pedestrians should choose reflective clothing that increases visibility in poor weather conditions. Wear a coat and gloves in cold temperatures. Drink enough water to remain hydrated during the commute. Using a flashlight at night can also increase visibility.You can find a quick rundown here Walkers should be aware of their surroundings. Using crosswalks and traffic signals will reduce the chance of accidents. Check in all directions before crossing a road. Listen for traffic carefully. Walkers should avoid listening to headphone music during a walking commute. Carrying a cell phone can be helpful in an emergency situation. Take a personal defense class to learn ways to fight an attacker. Have emergency and friend's phone numbers on your contact list. Carry personal identification in a pocket. Avoid carrying money or wearing jewelry while walking. Stay away from isolated areas. Find another person to walk with on the walking commute.

Why a GuardDog Won’t be Good Enough Alone

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A guard dog is a good deterrent. The presence of a dog will keep many people from trying to enter your home. Your dog may even prevent mail delivery if your mail carrier is afraid the dog may get loose or attack. However, a guard dog alone will not prevent all criminals from burglarizing your home. Experienced burglars know that they can easily give your dog treats or otherwise distract him while they take your belongings.

Even if your dog succeeds in stopping a burglar from coming into your home or attacking them when they get in, there is no way for the police to apprehend the criminal if your dog is your only weapon. If you have an alarm system installed on your house, the police will be notified if your home's security is compromised. The dog can still do his job, barking to alert neighbors, scaring the burglar away and biting the criminal if necessary until the police arrive to arrest him.

Timed indoor lights and outdoor lights that are activated by a sensor are also good crime prevention tools that work well in addition to your dog. Neighborhood watch programs are also great complements to guard dogs and work well in many small communities.

The Best Self-Defense Styles for Beginners

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If you are interested in learning how to defend yourself I'll provide you with a few tips to get you on your way. One of the most important things you can do while trying to learn a martial art is to get fit. Being in a good shape while training will allow you to be more relaxed while you're at class, and that will lead to you more effectively learning the techniques. It will also give you the endurance you need while sparring. Another reason to get fit is it will give you a lower chance of getting injured, and even if you do get injured you will recover faster. Another thing to keep in mind is that to be able to defend yourself you don't need to learn one thousand different moves. Think of that great Bruce Lee quote about how he is not afraid of the man who knows ten thousand kicks, but the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times. Always keep that in mind while you are training, knowing 100 ways to escape from a headlock is great and all, but once you actually have to use those moves in a real fight it's unlikely you'll have practiced them enough to be effective outside of training. The information doesn't stop now. Keep looking: Bruce Lee

How to Make Your Home Safer

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We live in a world fraught with danger and it is only natural to want to make sure we are taking steps to keep ourselves and our families safe. There are a few simple steps that can get you off to a quick start to reaching that goal.

Make sure that you have deadbolt locks in addition to the locks on your doorknobs. Deadbolts are harder to get through than a doorknob lock and are more secure. Another step that doesn't hurt is to put a chain lock at the top of your door.

Home security systems are one of the very best steps to keeping your home safe. They watch your home while you are there and while you are away. There are so many features available on a home security system. You can lock it down partially or completely, to the point that it is set off if there is any movement in the home. You can also purchase a system with a panic button on it to let you notify the monitoring center immediately if you need assistance.

Adding a guard dog to your family is another layer of protection to use in keeping your family safe.